VINX Corp.

BCP solution using state-of-the-art features
Hybrid SYNC i Edition

BCP/HA solution

Replicate objects on IBM i (AS/400), recover system at the time of the incidents.
Operation time can be shorter at lower cost.

  1. Real-time mirror Backup the latest files by mirroring data on a primary machine
  2. BCP solution Continue operating following a disaster, by switching to a backup machine.
  3. Easy switching Promptly switch machines, because both machines retain the latest files.


  1. Incremental update
    Send only updated data to backup machine, and minimize resources.
  2. Various libraries
    Synchronize User Library and User Profile, and so on.
  3. Complicated configuration
    Available on complicated configuration, like 1:N and N:1, the same pair but have different OS.
  4. Check synchronization status
    Check status on screen in English.

Key Benefits

  1. Restart operations in a short time when disaster strikes.
  2. Unnecessary to change application configuration.
  3. Easy operations by setting libraries.
  4. Easy recovery by restoring differential data.

System Requirements

IBM Power Systems
Operating System
IBMi V6R1 or later
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)+ area to be analyzed