VINX Corp.

The best security solution for J-SOX and internal control
Hybrid Security

Access Control

Control and monitor access to IBM i from inside and outside company, and automate security management.

  1. Access control/Log collection Control access to server, and record login log information
  2. DB log collection/Access Control Record DB operation. Restrict access to server by the group.
  3. Block illegal access Block illegal access. Notify incident in real-time.


  1. log storing
    You do not have to have bigger disk of IBMi , because IBMi log can be stored in PC server.
  2. search and export log
    Inquire log information by searching particular logs. Export data for JSOX.
  3. Control journal log
    Control journal log size for disk, which can be bigger.
  4. Enhance features with other products
    Specific access can be notified by sending email with Hybrid MESSAGE.

Key Benefits

  1. Optimize Monitoring and controlling Access from outside.
  2. Monitor status in real-time.
  3. Focus on protecting important database.
  4. Promptly investigate and handle system failure.
  5. Store and report important audit journal.