VINX Corp.

Operating and maintenance solution by automating job scheduling
Hybrid Scheduler

Automate job execution

Optimize job schedule and operation, and integrate operations of multiple machines

  1. Various job network Control predecessor and successor, and event driven job scheduling.
  2. Automate schedule Automatic operation according to calendars used by system operators.
  3. Job control on external system Job control to external IBMi, Linux, and windows from IBMi.


  1. Real time operation
    Scheduling for online processing. Non-calendar based scheduling: Job starts when receiving files.
  2. Delay management
    Register operation unless job starts or ends at specified time.
  3. Automatic recovery
    Recovery by message, when active program abnormally ends.
  4. GUI screen
    Show job status and operation, for example when resubmitting jobs.

Key Benefits

  1. Cost reduction by automatic operation
  2. Prevent mistakes by operators
  3. Integrate and manage multiple system operations
  4. Control job schedule delays
  5. Automate recovery failure

System Requirements

IBM Power Systems
Operating System
IBMi V6R1 or later
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)+ area to be analyzed

Operating System
Windows 7 or later
Intel Pentium 4
1GB (Depends heavily on data capacity)
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)
Monitor Resolution