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Resource management solutions by monitoring system usage

Resource monitoring

Monitor usage of CPU, disk and jobs, and support proper system operation for IBM i (AS/400).

  1. Central system viewer View all resources including CPU, DISK usage, jobs of IBM i (AS/400).
  2. Reporting Easily create graphs, and export CSV files.
  3. Alert threshold Alert notification by setting threshold. Notify by combining Hybrid MESSAGE.


  1. Storing resources
    Store detail information regarding system status at a certain time.
  2. Alert message
    Generate alert messages while tracing and detecting outlier.
  3. Trace analysis
    Display graph and create report from trace data.

Key Benefits

  1. Monitor usage of online job
  2. Easy setting to display graph contents
  3. Easy reporting and printing
  4. Display information for multiple machines
  5. Alert notification of resource trouble

How it works

Performance Monitoring

Hybrid RESOURCE runs on IBM i operating system, where it collects performance data and transfers it to Hybrid RESOURCE Viewer. The data is saved and graphically presented through the GUI. By making use of Hybrid MESSGE, threshold alerts are automatically sent by email and rotary beacon light.

What is monitored

Hybrid RESOURCE monitors the following resource usage of IBMi.

- Disk Usage
- CPU Usage
- Disk Arm Busy Rate
- Online Job Usage
- Batch Job Usage
- The Number of Page Fault
- System Job Usage


Hybrid RESOURCE can generate report by specifying a period. You don’t have to create reports on your own. It also allows to export data in CSV format.

Automate alert notifications

You can set thresholds for resource like CPU and memory. When values exceed the thresholds, then an alert is triggered. Alerts can be sent to operators via email, or beacon light.
(Required: Hybrid MESSAGE)

System Requirements

IBM Power Systems
Operating System
IBMi V6R1 or later
Disk Space
Execution module 500MB

PC Server for Client OS (Client OS or Server OS)
Operating System
Windows 7 or later
Intel Pentium 4
1GB (Depends heavily on data capacity)
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)
Monitor Resolution

PC Server for Server OS (Client OS or Server OS)
Operating System
Windows Server 2008 or later
Intel Xeon 2.00Ghz
2GB (Depends heavily on data capacity)
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)+ Internal database file area
MySQL 5.1.34 or later

Free Trial

Try Hybrid RESOURCE free for two months. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate the software before you purchase it. You can get support during the period.