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Operation and monitoring solution to automate operation
Hybrid Messange

Automatic operation

Detect messages generated by IBM i, and send operators the messages.

  1. Message monitoring Real-time monitoring IBM i messages
  2. Job monitoring Detect unexpected job behavior in real-time
  3. Monitoring QHST Monitoring QHST and optimize operation


  1. FTP monitoring
    Detect and notify FTP operation
  2. Automatic Action
    Automatic reply for detected messages from IBMi
  3. Notify failure
    Notify failure by email and voice

Key Benefits

  1. Automate monitoring operation
  2. Monitor multiple servers
  3. Identify issues at the early stage, and troubleshoot.
  4. Notify operators by failure messages in real time.
  5. Automatic operation by registering orders for particular failures.
  6. Store failure reports, and check former actions

How it works

Monitoring IBM i (AS400)

Hybrid MESSAGE monitors QSYSOPR of IBM i, and sends messages to a monitoring PC. It classifies messages, and notifies operators by email or rotary beacon light, according to its category and schedule. For example, when IBM i generates critical hardware messages on QSYSOPR, Hybrid MESSAGE notifies operators of the messages by both rotary beacon light and email at any time, twenty-four hours. When IBM i received files, Hybrid MESSAGE notifies operators of the messages by just email during business hours.

In addition to QSYSOPR, Hybrid MESSAGE can monitor the following items as well.

QHST: Allow to optimize operation.
JOB: Detect unexpected job behavior in real-time.
FTP: Detect operation of FTP and received files.

Map View

Map View shows a graphical representation of your machines. Map View shows a graphical representation of your machines. In the view, each machine's icon provides information about its status.

Operators can also record their operations for each message on Hybrid MESSAGE Viewer. It could be a report of troubleshooting, and export it to CSV file, and print the image. It allows to create a report quickly.

Categorized Message

Message generated by Operation System is already categorized by Hybrid MESSAGE. So, you do not have to classify messages. Actions can be taken for each category or message. The followings are example of categories.

  1. Hardware Failure Message
  2. Job Failure Message
  3. Receiving FTP Files
  4. Checking File Size
  5. Tape Operation Message
  6. Printer Operation Message
  7. Network Failure Message
  8. User Defined Message (including Application Message)

Integration with Open System

Integrated Viewer for Zabbix (IVZ) is a Zabbix based monitoring tool, which is provided by VINX. Zabbix is an open source monitoring software for networks, operating systems and applications, created in Latvia, and widely used in the world. IVZ can also monitor IBM i by making use of Hybrid MESSAGE. It allows consolidated monitoring system, and cost reduction, by providing a single monitoring device for both IBMi and open system.

For more information, please refer to the following link. Integrated Viewer for Zabbix (IVZ).

System Requirements

IBM Power Systems
Operating System
IBMi V6R1 or later
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)+ area to be analyzed

Operating System
Windows 7 or later
Intel Pentium 4
1GB (Depends heavily on data capacity)
Disk Space
500MB (Execution module storage area)
Monitor Resolution
MySQL 5.1.34 or later (DB is recommended)

Free Trial

Try Hybrid MESSAGE free for two months. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate the software before you purchase it. You can get support during the period.