VINX Corp.

Database management solutions by utilizing real-time sync
Hybrid Scheduler

Database utilization

Laod IBMi database on open system database in real-time.

  1. Synchronize physical files in realtime Synchronize physical files of DB2/400 with Oracle/SQL Server in real-time.
  2. Update differences Send only updated journal, and needs minimum system resources.
  3. Field mapping Update database by mapping each field from different fields.


  1. Easy Setting
    Easy setup for IBMi file definition.
  2. Field mask
    Hiding some fields, and show necessary fields.
  3. Lower system resource of IBMi
    Lower IBMi system resources load by analyzing databases on other computers.
  4. Enhance features with other products
    Failure can be notified by sending email with Hybrid MESSAGE.

Key Benefits

  1. Synchronize IBMi data with database in real-time
  2. Reduce workload to inquire IBMi
  3. Allow synchronization setting by field
  4. No need to change application settings
  5. Allow synchronization with multiple machines